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Meal Planning is easy with this bundle of full color printables in PDF format. It has everything you need to plan weekly meals in just 15 minutes including meal planning sheets, a binder cover and spine insert, detailed grocery shopping list, and inventory sheets for your Favorite Side Dishes and Favorite Dinner Ideas lists. 

Meal planning will help you save time and money!

Maybe you've tried meal planning before, but it seemed overwhelming. I can relate! I'm a busy Mom of 5 with a husband who travels often for work and a full time job. I need a quick simple process that saves me time and money. Anything else just isn't going to work with my schedule. 


I've been meal planning for our family for over 20 years and have developed a system to get it done quickly. With the right tools anyone can plan meals in less than 15 minutes a week. Having a meal plan in place will enable you to eat out less, serve a variety of healthy meals to your family, and take the stress out of dinner. 


Why not make this method the last one you'll ever need to try? You'll have all the tools you need to save time, spend less, and reduce some stress in your life!

Does this 

sound familiar?


When I try to cook dinner I never have all the ingredients to make anything. 


It takes too much time to make a list and shop for groceries. I usually just run in and get a few things several times a week. 


I feel like I make the same dinners over and over again. 


It's easier to pick up something on the way home, but that gets expensive.

everything you need for meal planning



Weekly Meal

Planning Sheets

Favorite Dinners

and Sides Lists

Save time and money! This Meal Planning Starter Kit contains everything you need to successfully plan your family meals in just 15 minutes a week. 

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“Thank you so much for this. I have been trying so hard to plan meals for my family that are healthy, quick, and give a lot of variety (hello picky toddler and hubs) but it has been very challenging and time consuming because I find that I’m spending all my free time trying to prep everything. Meal planning has been overwhelming so far, but this method is actually doable and helpful. Thank you SO much!”

shannon L.

What's inside the
Meal Planning Starter Kit?


3 printing options for the Meal Planner Sheets: 
Full sheet, half-size sheet, and 4 week sheet so you can plan weekly, 2 weeks, or a month at a time. The half-size sheets also fit mini binders.


Grocery Shopping List:
This grocery list is organized like a grocery store. Simply write your items in the correct category, and you'll get your grocery shopping done in record time.


Favorite Dinner and Side Dish Ideas:
Blank sheets for you to list your family's favorite dinners and side dishes. This is the magic of 15 minute meal planning!


Binder Cover and Spine:
Keep your Meal Planning Starter Kit organized and handy in a custom Meal Planner Binder. (Binder and sheet protectors not included.)

2 Bonus Items Included

Get started right away with enough dinner ideas for over 8 weeks!

Reference my dinner and side dish ideas while you slowly build your own custom lists. 

Start meal planning today!

Since I've been meal planning, our family is

making less trips to the grocery store, 

eating out less, and

spending more time eating together. 

blogger | content creator

Melisha Kreppein

Being a Mom is tough! There are so many things pulling at you…
keeping your marriage healthy, spending time with your kids, keeping the house tidy, being a good employee, enjoying time with friends, decorating for holidays, taking care of yourself (physically, spiritually, and mentally), preparing meals…the list goes on and on! I’ve realized that this struggle is more manageable with a plan in place. 

Over the years while raising 5 kids I've developed strategies and systems that save money. Even more important to me is the precious time saved so I can focus on my family as well as taking care of myself. 

My passion is to share these strategies with other Moms and help you create more free time in your life. I find true fulfillment providing tools and guidance to help busy Moms like you! The goal is to thrive and really enjoy life. 
Together we're Finding Time To Fly

With this 
Meal Planning Starter Kit, you'll be able to…

Spend Less Money Eating Out

Meal planning doesn't mean you never eat out, but it will cut out last minute drive-thru meals. Save that money to go out for a nice dinner once or twice a week!

Plan a Variety of Healthy Meals for Your Family

Make meals your family will look forward to eating and enjoy dinner time together as a family. 

Make Less Trips to the Grocery Store

You'll save hours each week when you don't have to stop at the grocery store several times a week.

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Need to save some money? Here's how meal planning will help your budget. 

Learn how creating a list of your family's favorite dinners can help you meal plan in just 15 minutes a week. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your meal planning kit. 

"Thank you so much for this grocery list. It’s by far the best of many that I’ve printed from the Internet. The categories are spot-on, and I love the bright colors, too. 
Thanks for sharing this extremely helpful template!"

Jennifer b.

"This meal planning kit is just a GREAT IDEA. I can't wait to start!!!"

Cheryl H.

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